Hair Products To Stay Away From

Taking good care of hair is important, in order to keep it healthy and looking good. This means, it is important to use the right hair products too. In this arena, I have chosen many good products but have made bad choices too. Using bad hair products simply means having bad hair days more often than not. Making the choice of a good product is quite simple and based mainly on common sense. But sometimes, we all end up making the wrong decision. Hence, I have enumerated here some of the hair products which one should avoid as much as possible, in order to maintain the good hair growth and health.

Shampoos of cheap brands

When it comes to choosing products for the hair, it is always better to go for proper brands. This is especially true for shampoos. It may seem that the work of a shampoo is to clean the scalp, but the shampoo with the wrong ingredients can potentially harm the hair enough for you to need hair loss treatment after that. It can not only strip your hair of its natural colors, but also make it extremely breakage prone. This is why I have always invested in very good quality, moisture rich shampoos of good brands. This has helped me keep my hair health good.

Products having too much fragrance

Everyone likes to have hair products that smell very good. But, the fragrance should not be the primary ingredient in the product. The use to too much fragrance could be a devise of disguising the lack of proper ingredients in the product itself. Also, too much fragrance tends to affect the nerves too and make one feel too irritable or jittery. Hence, when choosing products, it is important to stay away from strongly fragrant products. A good product will put more attention on the other ingredients included than the fragrance. Here too, opting for a good brand helps as they have mild fragrances and good list of ingredients.

Rough hair brushes

You may be wondering why hair brushes should come under this category, but they form an important part of the hair care routine. Using a harsh hairbrush had made me lose a lot of hair due to breakage. Rough bristled or fine hair brushes tend to be harsh on the hair as they make the hair tangle more or even affect the scalp. Hence, never opt for buying cheap and hard hair brushes. It is always better to go for the better quality ones, even though they might be comparatively more expensive. Brushes with rounded bristles tend to massage the scalp and rejuvenate the blood circulation, which helps in hair growth.

Alcohol based styling gel

Using too much styling gel had made my hair rough and led to my booking for expensive hair loss treatment. The mistake was mainly choosing an alcohol based styling gel. The alcohol tends to dry up moisture a lot, thereby making the hair rough, dull and often brittle. So, it is advisable to stay up from such hair products.


Hair Products To Use When Transitioning From Relaxed Hair

Transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair is not always an easy decision to make. It takes quite a lot of commitment, as the transition process takes a long time. It also requires self acceptance, as you will now have to get used to a completely different look. It is also took quite some hard work as I had to be gentle and careful with my damaged hair, so that they do not become too brittle. My hair was so damaged, that I had finally decided to switch back to my natural hair. And I was lucky because I received good advice about which hair products to use during such transitions. That made a world of difference and my natural hair grew soft and healthy.

Deep conditioners

I still remember the first time I grew natural hair and it felt so rough to touch! I was extremely disappointed and almost decided to give up the transitioning and go back to my relaxed hair. But then my hair stylist explained that my hair follicles were much damaged and that is why the new hair felt so rough. He advised me to go for regular deep conditioning of my hair. This was perhaps the best advice I could have received at that point of time. The use of conditioners regularly made a huge difference to my hair quality. The natural hair that grew after that was nourished and soft and nothing like my erstwhile rough bits of hair. Hence, investing in good conditioning hair products is a sound advice.

Shampoos free of sulphate

As I stated once before, the biggest bane in the way of transitioning to natural hair is using hair products that ultimately dry up your hair. This is because dried hair is always more prone to damage and split ends. When using shampoos during transitioning, it is important to take care to use shampoos that do not have sulphate in their major ingredient list. Sulphate has a tendency of drying the hair excessively. So, this will simply make your new grown natural hair even more rough and unmanageable, thus defeating the purpose of going for the transitioning process itself. Also, relaxed hair is less prone to drying out than natural hair. Hence, one needs to be extra careful about what products they use here. Using mild and moisturizing shampoos was the best thing I did for my transitioning hair.

Leave in conditioners

This again goes back to the same rule of keeping as much moisture locked in the transitioning hair as possible. Leave in conditioners are excellent hair products for that purpose. They act as a protective layer above your hair and guard the hair from pollution, heat and dust. The hair does not dry out easily and hence the natural hair growing is of a better quality. I made it a point to apply the leave in conditioner each time I stepped out of the house. It is important to apply moderately as too much can be greasy for the hair.

Proper Guide To Using Hair Products

Almost everyone is obsessed about their crowning glory. After all, who doesn’t want a thick, shiny mane of hair to flaunt? I have been extremely conscious of my hair too – washing, cleaning and caring for them accordingly. Plus, there are so many hair products available all over the market, that it makes it even more enviable to want to use various products to make the hair look good. I have gone through the trial and error phase with many hair products and there are a number of things I have learnt. There are certain kinds of products that prove to be especially good for the hair and should be used. Knowing these particular products will help you prevent spending too much money on the unnecessary ones.

Deep conditioner

In the present times, there is a lot of pollution around that does potential harm to the hair. Also, the styling products, straightening irons et cetera that we use expose the hair to lot of heat which roughens it up too. This is why it becomes important to keep the hair well moisturized in order to retain its shine and health. For this reason, I recommend investing in a very good deep conditioner for your hair. I have always made sure to have a good conditioner handy as conditioner create a protective layer over the hair strands and protect them from potential damage. This is indeed one of the most important hair products you should have in your collection.

A gentle hair brush

The hair brush is often an underrated hair product, but its importance is paramount. Using a harsh hairbrush had made me lose more hair than anything else. If the hair brush is too fine, then the hair often gets tangled in it and that too causes breakage. What you need to buy is a soft bristled hair brush that will not be harsh on your scalp. If you use a comb, then make sure to use a wide toothed one. Such combs do not tangle up the hair and thereby keep it safe. You can even get hair brushed with rounded bristles, which massage the scalp and rejuvenate the blood circulation.

A heat protective hairspray

I have wavy hair, and sometimes I do like to use my straightening iron to get that sleek straight look. But the heat from the straightening iron can do a lot of harm. That is why I use a hairspray which is meant for protecting the hair from too much heat. Before using the iron, I make it a point to cover my hair evenly with the spray. It helps to minimize the damages caught by the extreme heat. This is one of the most important hair products you can use.

A damage repair shampoo

This particular hair product has been my ultimate saviour. A damage repair or renewal shampoo is important when your hair has gone through a lot of neglect and requires attention. Having such a shampoo is a must, in order to quickly restore the hair’s health.